Two Month Hearth Online Training Subscription for $35

The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Education Foundation has set up a 2-month subscription for online training for our members at $35. This is a great opportunity for people to get CEU’s for NFI recertification especially since most affiliate annual meetings have been postponed or canceled due to COVID-19. The two months are April and May and will expire May 31, 2020. Sign up as soon as possible to claim the full two months! If you wait to sign up into April, for example, April 15, you will receive 45 days in the subscription. 

Use the coupon code to get the 2-month subscription for $35. The coupon code is: 2hot (all lower case) (That means 2 months Hearth Online Training) 

How to subscribe:

1. Go to: Https://, click on the Online Training page and then on “Buy a Subscription”.  

2. Select the HPBA Member Price for the Online Individual Subscription and add it to you shopping cart.  The price will show $250.  Don’t panic!

3.  Click on “Proceed to Checkout”

4.  On the checkout page, click on “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code”

5. Enter 2hot and click on “Apply Coupon”

6.  Fill out the credit card information as well as the name and email address for the person that will be taking the classes.

7. Confirm the GDPR policy

8. Click on “Place order”

The education foundation has to manually set up your account, and they try to get to it as quickly as possible - usually within 24 hours. Log in instructions will be sent by email.  Once this is set up, you will be able to access all the classes in the subscription catalog. 

Two things to remember:

1. If you want NFI or CSIA, CEUs, each person needs their own account.

2. The system uses an email address as your user name.  Each person needs an unique email address.

Please contact Rich Sedgwick at with questions.

NFI Certification Review & Exam

Once a year, RMHPBA supports your certification by offering you the wood/gas review and exam as well as the opportunity to test for wood, gas and pellet.

Professionals who install or plan wood/gas hearth appliance systems are tested on the fundamental knowledge they need for their job. The NFI Wood/Gas Exam covers the following: Fundamental Knowledge (25% of exam), Combustion, Heat/Heat Protection, Safety Guidelines & Consequences of Action, Construction Fundamentals, Installation Knowledge (75% of exam), Regulations and Instructions, Fuel Delivery, Appliance Requirements, Post Installation Inspection and Service. The reference manual for this certification is the 2006 HEARTH Reference Manual Wood/Gas Hearth Systems.

Who Should Register?

Owners, installers, sales force, customer service personnel of retailers and installing distributors who want to learn the latest, brush up on skills, and get deserved recognition.

Why Certify? What Are The Benefits?

Validates Knowledge – You'll gain more confidence with staff installing combustion products into homes, obtain peace of mind that there is demonstrated knowledge of hearth products, installation concepts and procedures through the learning and examination process.

You'll Beat Your Competition - Customers Choose YOU - Promote Yourself. Does your competition have certified staff? Customers will choose certified staff first and foremost. With mention in your ads, press releases to your local papers, and designation on the NFI website as a certified professional, shoppers will know where to go for experience.

Earn Stature with Local Officials - Building code officials prefer to work with certified individuals because they know certified professionals have prepared for and passed an industry exam. You and your staff may become trusted experts when builders and officials have questions about the installation and operation of hearth products.

Less Employee Turnover - Individuals who earn certification have more self-confidence and remain in their profession longer than non-certified individuals.

More Productive Employees - Certified individuals are more productive, using time more efficiently, than non-certified ones due to better job preparation and learning. Certification can also be a tool to identify employees with leadership potential.

Certification Could Be Vital for Your Business - In professions where safety and protection of the public is involved, certification serves as a positive effort to self-reg thus fending off the possibility of government regulation. Certification may pre-empt the adoption of outside regulations allowing us to continue to install our industry's products.

Your Insurance Premiums May be Reduced - If installation and service are 25% or less of the gross of your business, you may be able to enjoy lower insurance rates.

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